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Selected publications from research organizations and the professional literature related to performance measurement and improvement.

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Adequacy of Hospital Discharge Summaries in Documenting Tests with Pending Results and Outpatient Follow-up Providers
M. C. Were, X. Li, J. Kesterson et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine, September 2009 24(9):1002–06.  — View Publication
All-Cause Hospital Readmissions Among Non-Elderly Medicaid Patients, 2007
H. J. Jiang and L. M. Wier
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Statistical Brief #89, April 2010, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  — View Publication
Could Medicare Readmission Policy Exacerbate Health Care System Inequity?
R. Bhalla and G. Kalkut
Annals of Internal Medicine, January 19, 2010 vol. 152 no. 2 114-117  — View Publication
Discharge Planning from Hospital to Home
S. Shepperd, J. McClaran, C. O. Phillips et al.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2010, Issue 1.  — View Publication
Do Patient Safety Events Increase Readmissions?
B. Friedman, W. Encinosa, H. J. Jiang et al.
Medical Care, May 2009 47(5):583–90  — View Publication
Groups Try Simple Steps to Avoid Hospital Rebound

CBS, December 8, 2009  — View Publication
Homeward Bound--Nine Patient-Centered Programs Cut Readmissions
S. Baird Kanaan
California Healthcare Foundation, September 2009  — View Publication
Impact of a National Campaign on Hospital Readmissions in Home Care Patients
C. P. Schade, E. Esslinger, D.Anderson et al.
International Journal of Quality in Health Care, June 2009 21(3):176-82  — View Publication
Impact of a Pharmacist-Facilitated Hospital Discharge Program --A Quasi-Experimental Study
P. C. Walker, S. J. Bernstein, J. N. Tucker Jones et al.
Archives of Intern Medicine, 2009 169(21):2003-2010.  — View Publication
Is Same-Hospital Readmission Rate a Good Surrogate for All-Hospital Readmission Rate?
K. Nasir, Z. Lin, H. Bueno et al.
Medical Care, May 2010 48(5):477-81.  — View Publication
Leveraging Healthcare Policy Changes to Decrease Hospital 30-Day Readmission Rates

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, March 7, 2010  — View Publication
Nurse and Patient Perceptions of Discharge Readiness in Relation to Postdischarge Utilization
M. Weiss, O. Yakusheva, and K. Bobay
Medical Care, May 2010 48(5): 482-6  — View Publication
Preventing Readmissions with Improved Hospital Discharge Planning
A. K. Jha, E. J. Orav, and A. M. Epstein
New England Journal of Medicine, Dec. 31, 2009 361(27):2637–2645  — View Publication
Public Reporting of Discharge Planning and Rates of Readmissions
A.K. Jha, E.J. Orav, and A.M. Epstein
New England Journal of Medicine, December 2009 351(27): 2637-45  — View Publication
Quality's New Frontier--Reducing Hospitalizations and Improving Transitions in Long-Term Care
D. J. Lipson and S. Simon
Mathematica Policy Research, March 2010  — View Publication
Recent National Trends in Readmission Rates After Heart Failure Hospitalization
J. S. Ross1, J. Chen, Z. Qiu Lin et al.
Circulation: Heart Failure, November 10, 2009  — View Publication
Rehospitalization from Skilled Nursing Facilities--Implications for Policy
Vincent Mor
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization, February 2010  — View Publication
The Hospital Cost of Care, Quality of Care, and Readmission Rates
Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish
L. M. Chen, A. K. Jha, S. Guterman et al.
Archives of Internal Medicine, Feb. 22, 2010 170(4):340-346.  — View Publication
The Paradox of Readmission--Effect of a Quality Improvement Program in Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure
A. Mudge, C. Denaro, I. Scott et al.
Journal of Hospital Medicine, March. 2010 5(3):148-53.  — View Publication
To Curb Repeat Hospital Stays, Pay Doctors
Sandeep Jauhar
New York Times, November 30, 2009  — View Publication
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