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A Health IT Framework for Accountable Care
The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology developed a publicly available framework to guide the development of health information technology resources needed for accountable care organizations (ACOs). It is intended to serve as a starting point for provider groups and payers participating in ACOs, as well as for technology developers who are designing products to fill gaps in currently available technology. The framework explores technological needs to meet the following aspects of care delivery in ACOs: care coordination; cohort management; patient and caregiver relationship managements; clinician engagement; financial management; reporting; and knowledge management. (Source: Certification Commission for Health Information Technology)  — View Improvement Tool
ADOPT Toolkit
Tools to guide health care providers through the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation stages of health IT adoption. (Source: Center for Technology and Aging)  — View Improvement Tool
AMI and Heart Failure Contraindications Pocket Card
This pocket card was developed for the AMI and Heart Failure measures contraindications to Beta Blockers, ACEI/ARB, and ASA. (Source: Quality Improvement Organization Support Center)  — View Improvement Tool
AMI Materials
These materials were designed to encourage patients to adhere to their beta-blocker medications following a heart attack. Materials include: Beta-blocker brochure Beta-blocker wallet card Generic beta-blocker letter Generic beta-blocker second letter (Source: Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research)  — View Improvement Tool
Best Hospital Matrix presents hospital performance information as determined by publicly reported process-of-care and patient satisfaction measures. There are numerous programs that measure various aspects of the performance of health care organizations, using different criteria and methodologies. Some calculate rankings, some present awards, and any are "distinctions," or lists of hospitals, health systems, home care organizations, or other health care settings that meet certain criteria. Below we list many of these programs, their sponsors, brief descriptions, and the extent to which winners are consistent from the prior year. (Source: The Commonwealth Fund)  — View Improvement Tool
Business Profile for Exploring Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
This document provides an example of a business profile stating the need for work to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia and explores the projected impact on resources for a hospital participating in such an initiative. (Source: Safe & Sound: An Arizona patient safety initiative through the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association)  — View Improvement Tool
CATS Poster for Surgical Site Infection Intervention
This visual aid was developed to remind and educate caregivers, staff, patients, and families about the elements of the "CATS" interventions to decrease surgical site infections: (Source: Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Arizona)  — View Improvement Tool
Central Line Insertion Care Team Checklist
This series of steps to reduce the risk of infection during central line insertion has been shown to be effective in hospitals around the country. (Source: Johns Hopkins Health System)  — View Improvement Tool
Chart Stickers for Surgery Patients
The chart sticker is designed to be utilized not only as a reminder of key clinical guidelines in the care of surgery patients within certain populations, but also to serve as a concurrent checklist during the patient's stay. The stickers address timing, selection, and duration for antimicrobial prophylaxis. (Source: Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care)  — View Improvement Tool
Chasing Zero--Winning the War on Healthcare Harm
This documentary--which will be distributed to all U.S. hospitals--urges health care providers to reach for "zero" instances of preventable harm. (Source: TMIT)  — View Improvement Tool
Checklist for Non-Verbal Pain Indicators
These cards can be used with cognitively impaired non-verbal adults. This card is available in 0 to 5 and 0 to 10 versions and uses the FLACC Scale for assessment of pain in adults with cognitive, behavioral or communication deficits. (Source: New Mexico Medical Review Association)  — View Improvement Tool
CLABSI Opportunity Estimator
This tool estimates yearly number of deaths, dollars, and ICU days attributable to CLABSIs within an ICU, hospital, or health system--as well as potential lives saved and savings from reducing such infections. (Source: The Johns Hopkins Quality and Safety Research Group)  — View Improvement Tool
Closing the Quality Gap Evidence Report Summaries
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed free summaries of the evidence in support of eight different quality improvement strategies: bundled payments; patient-centered medical homes; addressing health disparities; medication adherence; public reporting; prevention of health careâassociated infections; measuring outcomes for the disabled; and improving health care and palliative care for advanced illness. (Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)  — View Improvement Tool
Core Measure Solution Exchange
This free Web tool is designed to help hospitals share information on how to improve their performance on core measures. Users can search for solutions, post comments, rate the usefulness and transferability of the solutions, and post solutions based on their own experience. Hospitals that are accredited by The Joint Commission can access the Exchange through their Joint Commission Connect account by clicking on "Core Measure Solution Exchange" under the Performance Improvement Tools category. (Source: Joint Commission )  — View Improvement Tool
Discharge Patient Education Tool
The Discharge Patient Education Tool is a form that is completed by the provider and reviewed with patients prior to discharge to ensure they understand their discharge instructions. (Source: Society of Hospital Medicine)  — View Improvement Tool
General Discharge Instruction Sheet--Congestive Heart Failure
This documentation sheet is used to provide discharge instructions to patients with heart failure. (Source: Cleveland Regional Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Get With the Guidelines Toolbox
Get With The Guidelines is an evidence-based program for in-hospital quality improvement. It helps to ensure that the care hospitals provide to coronary artery disease, stroke, and heart failure patients is aligned with the latest scientific guidelines. (Source: American Heart Association and American Stroke Association)  — View Improvement Tool
Getting to Zero--Strategies to Eliminate Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections
Listen to the presentations and dicussion and view the slides from this Commonwealth Fund webinar featuring Lucian L. Leape, M.D., adjunct professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health; Peter J. Pronovost, M.D., Ph.D., director, Johns Hopkins University Quality and Safety Research Group; and Brian S. Koll, M.D., medical director and chief, infection prevention, Beth Israel Medical Center. (Source: The Commonwealth Fund)  — View Improvement Tool
Going Home from the Hospital
This video reviews the four "stepping stones" to ensure good care transitions and avoid rehospitalizations. (Source: Qualis Health)  — View Improvement Tool
Health Care Leader Action Guide to Reduce Readmissions
A free guide for health care leaders to help start the conversation about how to address avoidable hospital readmissions. It is designed to serve as a quick, simple resource by outlining four steps: 1) Examine your hospitals current state of readmissions; 2) Assess and prioritize your improvement opportunities; 3) Develop an action plan of strategies to implement; and 4) Monitor your hospital's progress (Source: Health Research & Educational Trust )  — View Improvement Tool
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