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Selected publications from research organizations and the professional literature related to performance measurement and improvement.

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2010 National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Reports Data Tables Appendix
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
2010 National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Reports  — View Publication
A model for medication safety event detection
R.A. Snyder and W. Fields
International Journal for Quality in Health Care 2010 22(3):179-186  — View Publication
A Practical Tool to Identify and Eliminate Barriers to Compliance with Evidence-Based Guidelines
A. P. Gurses, D. J. Murphy, and E. A. Martinez et al.
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety, October 2009 35(10):526-32  — View Publication
A Report Card on Provider Report Cards
Current Status of the Health Care Transparency Movement
J.B. Christianson, K.M. Volmar, J. Alexander et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine November 2010 25(11):1235-41  — View Publication
A Review of Patient Safety Measures Based on Routinely Collected Hospital Data

American Journal of Medical Quality, March 2012  — View Publication
A Survey of Hospital Quality Improvement Activities
A. B. Cohen, J. D. Restuccia, M. Shwartz et al.
Medical Care Research and Review, October 2008 65(5):571-95  — View Publication
Accountability Measures — Using Measurement to Promote Quality Improvement
M.R. Chassin, J.M. Loeb, S.P. Schmaltz et al.
N Engl J Med, Aug. 2010 363(7):683-8  — View Publication
Adequacy of Hospital Discharge Summaries in Documenting Tests with Pending Results and Outpatient Follow-up Providers
M. C. Were, X. Li, J. Kesterson et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine, September 2009 24(9):1002–06.  — View Publication
Adherence to Surgical Care Improvement Project Measures and the Association With Postoperative Infections
J.J. Stulberg, C.P. Delaney, D.V. Neuhauser et al.
JAMA. 2010;303(24):2479-2485.  — View Publication
Adopting A Surgical Safety Checklist Could Save Money And Improve The Quality Of Care In U.S. Hospitals
M.E. Semel, S. Resch, A.B. Haynes et al.
Health Affairs, Sept. 2010 29(9): 1593-99  — View Publication
All-Cause Hospital Readmissions Among Non-Elderly Medicaid Patients, 2007
H. J. Jiang and L. M. Wier
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Statistical Brief #89, April 2010, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  — View Publication
Are Verbal Orders a Threat to Patient Safety?
D.S. Wakefield and B.J. Wakefield
Quality and Safety in Health Care, June 2009 18(3):165  — View Publication
Association Between Hospital Cardiac Management and Outcomes for Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients
T.A. Stukel, D.A. Alter, M.J. Schull et al.
Medical Care, February 2010 48(2): 157-65  — View Publication
Association Between Implementation of a Medical Team Training Program and Surgical Mortality
J. Neily, P.D. Mills, Y. Young-Xu, et al.
Journal of the American Medical Association, October 2010 304(15):1693-1700.  — View Publication
Bloodstream Infections--A National Survey of State Hospital Associations
D.J. Murphy, D.M. Needham, C. Goeschel et al.
American Journal of Medical Quality, Vol. 25, No. 4, 255-260 (2010)  — View Publication
Chasing Zero--Can Reality Meet the Rhetoric?
C.R. Denham, P. Angood, D. Berwick, et al.
Journal of Patient Safety, December 2009 5(4): 216-22  — View Publication
Costs Attributable to Healthcare-Acquired Infection in Hospitalized Adults and a Comparison of Economic Methods
R.R. Roberts, R.D. Scott, B. Hota et al.
Medical Care, November 2010 48(11):1026-35.  — View Publication
Costs of Quality Improvement--A Survey of Four Acute Care Hospitals
L. M. Chen, M. S. Rein, and D. W. Bates
Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, November 2009 35(11):544-50  — View Publication
Could Medicare Readmission Policy Exacerbate Health Care System Inequity?
R. Bhalla and G. Kalkut
Annals of Internal Medicine, January 19, 2010 vol. 152 no. 2 114-117  — View Publication
Current Efforts of Regional and National Performance Measurement Initiatives Around the United States
J. Roski and M.G. Kim
American Journal of Medical Quality, Vol. 25, No. 4, 249-254 (2010)  — View Publication
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