Related Publications

Selected publications from research organizations and the professional literature related to performance measurement and improvement.

Adherence to Surgical Care Improvement Project Measures and the Association With Postoperative Infections
J.J. Stulberg, C.P. Delaney, D.V. Neuhauser et al.
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Adopting A Surgical Safety Checklist Could Save Money And Improve The Quality Of Care In U.S. Hospitals
M.E. Semel, S. Resch, A.B. Haynes et al.
Health Affairs, Sept. 2010 29(9): 1593-99  — View Publication
Association Between Implementation of a Medical Team Training Program and Surgical Mortality
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Annals of Surgery, September 2009 250(3): 363-176  — View Publication
Does Teamwork Improve Performance in the Operating Room? A Multilevel Evaluation
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Effect of a Comprehensive Surgical Safety System on Patient Outcomes
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Improving Teamwork to Reduce Surgical Mortality
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Strategies for Improving Surgical Quality — Checklists and Beyond
J.D. Birkmeyer
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Surgical Safety and Hospital Volume Across a Wide Range of Interventions
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