Improvement Tools

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CATS Poster for Surgical Site Infection Intervention
This visual aid was developed to remind and educate caregivers, staff, patients, and families about the elements of the "CATS" interventions to decrease surgical site infections: (Source: Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Arizona)  — View Improvement Tool
Chart Stickers for Surgery Patients
The chart sticker is designed to be utilized not only as a reminder of key clinical guidelines in the care of surgery patients within certain populations, but also to serve as a concurrent checklist during the patient's stay. The stickers address timing, selection, and duration for antimicrobial prophylaxis. (Source: Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care)  — View Improvement Tool
Surgical Infection Prevention Poster
This poster was developed to assist bedside clinicians to better understand and to remember the quality measures associated with decreasing surgical site infections. The poster displays an acronym to help clinicians remember the steps to prevention. (Source: Georgia Medical Care Foundation)  — View Improvement Tool
Time Out--Checklist for Verification of Procedure, Side/Site, and Prophylactic Antibiotic
This checklist reminds surgeons to verify procedures, sites, and prophylatic antibiotics. (Source: Primaris, the Medicare QIO for Missouri)  — View Improvement Tool