Improvement Tools

View improvement tools from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and other resources. You can browse the tools by topic, using the menu below.

AMI and Heart Failure Contraindications Pocket Card
This pocket card was developed for the AMI and Heart Failure measures contraindications to Beta Blockers, ACEI/ARB, and ASA. (Source: Quality Improvement Organization Support Center)  — View Improvement Tool
General Discharge Instruction Sheet--Congestive Heart Failure
This documentation sheet is used to provide discharge instructions to patients with heart failure. (Source: Cleveland Regional Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Get With the Guidelines Toolbox
Get With The Guidelines is an evidence-based program for in-hospital quality improvement. It helps to ensure that the care hospitals provide to coronary artery disease, stroke, and heart failure patients is aligned with the latest scientific guidelines. (Source: American Heart Association and American Stroke Association)  — View Improvement Tool
Heart Failure Discharge Instructions
This generic discharge instruction form indicates where the patient is being discharged to and also includes patient and medication instructions. (Source: Delray Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Heart Failure Zone Flyer
This handout helps patients recognize and understand the symptoms of heart failure and how to respond. The flyer can be used in or out of the hospital to help patients understand their symptoms and how they should respond to them, especially "red flag" symptoms. (Source: Allina Hospitals and Clinics/United Health)  — View Improvement Tool
Hospital-Based Heart Failure Nurse Advocate
Six Catholic Healthcare Partners' hospitals created the position of heart failure advocate, staffed by registered nurses who received extensive training in heart failure management and treatment. (Source: Catholic Healthcare Partners)  — View Improvement Tool
Interdisciplinary Patient/Family Education Record, Congestive Heart Failure:
This tool is used to document education about care after discharge that is provided to patients with congestive heart failure and their families. (Source: Cleveland Regional Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Oregon Heart Failure GAP Project
The Oregon Heart Failure GAP (Guidelines Applied in Practice) Toolkit contains a variety of tools, some for clinicians treating patients suffering from heart failure, and others for heart failure patients themselves. (Source: American College of Cardiology - Oregon Chapter)  — View Improvement Tool
Physician Admission Orders, Congestive Heart Failure
This form is used to indicate physician admission orders for patients with heart failure (Source: Cleveland Regional Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Preliminary Discharge Instructions, Heart Failure
This is a generic discharge instructions tool, which includes all important elements for patients with congestive heart failure. The tool is given to heart failure patients upon admission and used to document important general discharge instructions. (Source: Baystate Medical Center)  — View Improvement Tool
Smoking Cessation Package
Informative materials to support smoking cessation for heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia projects. The packet includes infectious diseases chart sticker, documentation sticker, poster, pocket card, follow-up mailer and indicator logic. (Source: Primaris, QIO of Missouri)  — View Improvement Tool
Transforming Care at the Bedside How-to Guide--Creating an Ideal Transition Home for Patients with Heart Failure
This How-to Guide builds upon relevant research and published literature, and integrates what hospitals have learned as they strive to dramatically improve the quality of care for patients discharged from the hospital to home or to another health care facility. (Source: Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation))  — View Improvement Tool