Improvement Tools

View improvement tools from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and other resources. You can browse the tools by topic, using the menu below.

AMI and Heart Failure Contraindications Pocket Card
This pocket card was developed for the AMI and Heart Failure measures contraindications to Beta Blockers, ACEI/ARB, and ASA. (Source: Quality Improvement Organization Support Center)  — View Improvement Tool
AMI Materials
These materials were designed to encourage patients to adhere to their beta-blocker medications following a heart attack. Materials include: Beta-blocker brochure Beta-blocker wallet card Generic beta-blocker letter Generic beta-blocker second letter (Source: Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research)  — View Improvement Tool
Physicians Attest to Benefits of Quality Measurement and Improvement Tools (DVD)
A DVD, "Putting Quality into Practice: Physicians in Their Own Voices," features the perspectives of physicians who have adopted quality measurement and improvement tools. The doctors speak candidly about why they decided to measure their performance, and how the information empowered them to improve the care they provide to patients. (Source: The Commonwealth Fund)  — View Improvement Tool
Smoking Cessation Package
Informative materials to support smoking cessation for heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia projects. The packet includes infectious diseases chart sticker, documentation sticker, poster, pocket card, follow-up mailer and indicator logic. (Source: Primaris, QIO of Missouri)  — View Improvement Tool
Teachable Moment--Reducing Door-to-Balloon Time
This short video shows how clinicians at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh reduced door-to-balloon time to just under 70 minutes. (Source: Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative)  — View Improvement Tool