Geisinger Health System is a physician-led, not-for-profit, integrated delivery system serving an area with approximately 2.6 million people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania with innovative products and services designed to drive higher performance. Geisinger's leaders believe that the organization can simultaneously improve quality, satisfaction, and efficiency only by redesigning and reengineering the delivery of care. This philosophy is epitomized by ProvenCare, a portfolio of products (many of which are package-priced) for which care processes have been redesigned to reliably administer a coordinated bundle of evidence-based best practices. Use of the ProvenCare model has improved clinical outcomes while decreasing resource utilization. Fundamental to Geisinger's success are its vision of becoming a national model for care delivery, the leadership to achieve that vision reinforced with a performance-based compensation system strategically aligned with specific goals every year, and timely feedback using an advanced electronic health record to measure progress toward those goals.