Comparative Reporting uses data available from public and private sources to not only report these scores for comparative purposes, but to analyze them to identify “High Performers”. Different datasets require different methods, but in general WNTB endeavors to isolate hospitals that are fully reporting, have a minimum sample size and can be aggregated into groups for comparative purposes.
Each individual score is reviewed three times for specific criteria, which leads to three main groupings of hospitals in
  1. Aggregate grouping: Any given score (e.g. Aspirin on Arrival 98%) can be reported at the hospital, system, group, county, HRR, state and national level. 
  2. High performance grouping: Any given score can be examined for eligibility of “High Performer” status. 
  3. Composite measurement grouping: Any given score is also considered for inclusion in composite scores, wherein we roll up similar indicators to provide a single, composite indicator for a given condition or topic.
For any given score, it is important to note the cohort from which the score is derived. It may be 
  1. all reporting hospitals
  2. all reporting hospitals with minimum sample
  3. all reporting hospitals with minimum sample and high performing status
Our groupings are specifically intended to isolate and identify high performing hospitals, and use additional data methods to fairly describe these high performers. Definitions and criteria vary across the different kinds of measures we publish, i.e. process, experience, outcomes, population and structure measures. For detailed information on how we treat each individual measure within a given cohort of hospitals, please see Methodology.

Aggregate Scoring

If the number of cases reported is 30 or more, it is separated into a subset of scores labelled “High Performer Eligible”, and ranked. It is then eligible to be included in groups of hospitals, for example “Teaching Hospitals” or “Rural Hospitals”. 

High Performing

If the number of cases reported is 30 or more, it is separated into a subset of scores labelled “High Performer Eligible”, and ranked. This cohort of hospitals only includes those scores meeting these criteria. Scores that are ranked in the top decile of this cohort are labelled “High 
Performer” and are considered benchmark performance. 

Composite Scoring

A hospital reporting Aspirin on Arrival for four quarters will be considered “reportable”. If the same hospital reports all Heart Attack measures, the Aspirin on Arrival score is also included in the composite Appropriate Care score. For more detailed information on how the composite scores are calculated please see Methodology.